Over the past several  months, there have been significant formula shortages. This is very stressful for parents and caregivers as well as providers! We are trying our best to get samples and are happy to provide whatever we can. In the mean time and as always, for all new moms- we really encourage solely breastfeeding your child. We are happy to do consultations to help with breastfeeding questions and can even help you get in touch with lactation consultants. In the cases where we are using formula, I recommend buying any generic brand you can find. You do not need to feel like you have to stick to the same thing the baby has been having. We have been counselling parents on how to deal with the problems which may arise with switching formulas such as constipation and reflux and gas. The most important thing as you know is that babies get infant formula or breastmilk till 1 year of age to optimize their nutrition and brain development. Call us if you have any questions.

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